Genesis 50.15-26- Our Fear + God's Nature

Added on by Joey Tomassoni.

Todays reading deals with something we all tend to struggle with- fear of what others will do to us.  Take some time to work through the reading and questions below this morning.

Pray:  Father, illuminate the truth of your word, through your Holy Spirit, that you might change me and my brothers and sisters across our area to be more like you Jesus. 

Context- What is the backstory to this passage? 


Read vs. 15-18...

+ What is happening with Joseph's father?  

+ What is happening with Joseph's brothers?

+ What did his brothers do and what are they asking for?

 Read vs. 19-26...
+ How does Joseph respond? 

+ What does Joseph tell us about God? 

+ What was God's purpose in Joseph's pain?

Christ- How does this account point us to Jesus and God's willingness to use things for his purposes?

Friday, December 23- Genesis 50.15-26

Added on by Joey Tomassoni.

Genesis 50.15-26

Joseph's father Jacob (Israel) is dead, and his brothers, who had treated Joseph so poorly for so many years are fearful.  They think "Now that our father is gone will Joseph carry out vengeance upon us?" (vs.15)  But Joseph's weeps and his response to his brothers gives us insight into how we are able to navigate fear.  He identifies their root struggle of fear (vs.19) and assures them that he is not God.  In their moment of fear they elevated Joseph's to a place of power over God, who has ultimate power, which is why Joseph responds the way he does in vs. 19- "Am I in the place of God?".  

Fear ascribes a false sense of power to situations or people that truly belong only to God.

Our fears ascribe power to gods not God.  How do you know you are actively worshipping something?  When you bow before it with your life, when you can't take your mind off of it, when functionally it is the thing that is most consuming you, when you are scared it will destroy you if you don't appease it. 

Joseph, instead of allowing himself to step into the place of God, defers to God, acknowledging who He is and how He has been intimately involved in the situation.  He is honest about the evil in his brothers lives (vs. 20a) and directs them to the One in whom they are to put their trust (vs.20b)- the God who meant their evil for good, one who loves them- they do not have to fear. 

Write out answers to these questions in your journal:
1. What is one or two things this passage is saying and what verses show you?

2. How is fear in your life ascribing power to someone or something other than God and how do you believe the Holy Spirit is inviting you to turn from this sin with action?

3. Who could you share this with today (e.g., a friend, your family or children around the dinner table)?