Genesis 50.15-26- Our Fear + God's Nature

Added on by Joey Tomassoni.

Todays reading deals with something we all tend to struggle with- fear of what others will do to us.  Take some time to work through the reading and questions below this morning.

Pray:  Father, illuminate the truth of your word, through your Holy Spirit, that you might change me and my brothers and sisters across our area to be more like you Jesus. 

Context- What is the backstory to this passage? 


Read vs. 15-18...

+ What is happening with Joseph's father?  

+ What is happening with Joseph's brothers?

+ What did his brothers do and what are they asking for?

 Read vs. 19-26...
+ How does Joseph respond? 

+ What does Joseph tell us about God? 

+ What was God's purpose in Joseph's pain?

Christ- How does this account point us to Jesus and God's willingness to use things for his purposes?