On the Locality of Being

I paint outside, in the chaos and pain of a disordered landscape to uncover a world that ought to be. I respond to objects in a place and time- the color, light and form of particular localities.  I work outside the four walls of the studio to have presence in the parish, the land, among people and God- to have relationship with real things and not just an idea of things.

My work is small, I invest no more than a days hour into each piece.  My pieces are temporal sketches, visual artifacts of a sojourn.  I travel with my painting box into the spaces I find myself, to paint the hours as prayer, to discover the poetry in the visible design of the world.  Every locale, whether a suburban cul-de-sac, open field or coffee house, tells the story of a particular place and time and an opportunity to extend love.

A small child riding a bike, neighbors walking their dogs and engaging in random sidewalk conversation, become sacred events not because they are trying to be something but because they are something. Through my work I seek to excavate beauty through locality, transcendence in the particular, and discover love in the carnate of life.

Joey Tomassoni is a husband, father, painter and pastor residing in Annapolis, MD. He received his MFA from American University. His work includes national and international collaborative projects exploring the intersection between faith, art and life. His work has been shown internationally and published in the Washington Post, USA Today and other online and local media outlets. Joey shows his work in galleries and alternative spaces around the United States and consults with organizations and churches to help infuse right brain processes into their ecosystems.